Winter Warmth

Warmth is found in different places

One of the most ambitious games in our field.
Not only do you have the dark and the light side, but also a full-fledged sandbox environment including stats. We already have over 2000 Renders, with a dozen of high-class Animations.

Our one goal here is to deliver a world-class experience, that is remembered.
If you want to help us, choose your side and join us.


Life is full of ups and downs. But things finally seem to look better, until now.

A dark shadow from your past has re-entered your life, right when you were stumbling.
She has not come in peace.
But she seems to be bent to break you. Slowly, surely.

You have a family to defend, and dignity to uphold. Or will you become her little puppy?
If one only would know what the consequences would be.

Will you be the Victor, a Victim? Or a pervert enjoying the fruits of defeat?

Trailer Winter Warmth


We went with 4 day phases for locations and renders. So that renders and scenes would feel more authentic.

A preview!


Morning 6:00-11:00


Day 11:00-16:00


Evening 16:00-20:00


Night 20:00-06:00

With Love

We didn’t just spend weeks on characters. We are also giving our best to pay attention to detail.

From Music Player, to navigation. During development everything is game. We try, we break and we continue to try until we are happy with thing.

That is why we have patron-previews. Those are released as preview for you to see what we are doing.
Any release with a number at the third digit (Example 0.1.7) is a PatreonPreview release. Full of bugs and yes…mistakes happen ->.

But it gives you a chance to give us feedback mid development.
As our patrons will confirm.
We listen…if we agree, we adjust.


A small trailer in regards to gameplay.
This is version 0.1.4, a patreon preview.

This does not represent the final product or chapter and is an early development snapshot!

We’d advice using a headset. There is some good music.


We are developing in Godot and were able to gain quite some benefits from it. There are however also downsides, including the higher complexity compared to an engine like Renpy.

Gameplay V.0.1.4



Age: 36

Ex Wife


Age: 36

Main Character.


Age: 37


Age: 18

Light of MC’s life.


Age: 36
Michaels best friend?


Age: 21

Melissas older daughter.


Age: 22
Shrays lil sis.


Age: 19
Melissas younger daughter.

Christmas Special

You’ve made it this far. Means you are really interested. We get it!

We can make it even better. We’ll give you our Christmas Special for free. It plays half a year to a year earlier than the main story.

For free, just grab the link and enjoy (Windows).

Christmas Special – Game!

Note, there is not dark side in the Christmas Special. Just enjoy the mood.

Winter Warmth

One of the most ambitious projects in the field.