A love letter to VN’s from the 90s

90s. The very few Visual Novels that arrived in the West, used to have some replayability at the very least. kinetic novels were rare. And if absolutely kinetic looked down upon by the community.
Today no replayability is the Norm.

Not so with Karma.
When you have played it the through for the first time, the actual game starts.

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A look back

One of the key aspects happens in chapter 2. You’ll take on the role of a younger James Anderson, who is relatively fresh to college.

Now during the game you are able to change your past, by changing your future. Your Karma from your last play through follows you, so to say.

A Visual Statement

A fight for supremacy

Face your trauma, your fear and get everything. Or live in the consequence of your failure.

Is there something as too much success?

Steam release in the works

Karma gets an overhaul for steam!

What you can expect:
New characters!
New endings!
A ton of new content!

ETA early 2024!



Age: 21
Origin: Countryside
Traits: Romantic

She is a romantic. Naive and raised in the countryside. Mark is her first boyfriend in the city and eventually her fiancee.
There are some problems, but she wants to make it work. Will you help her?


Age: 27
Origin: City
Traits: Sub-bitch

She needs someone to dominate her. She isn’t an idiot and men are generally to weak to entice her.
She relies heavily on James for her needs.


Age: 28
Origin: City
Traits: Strong

She trains hard, as she competes professionally as a lifter.
Eventually, she started working for James. Somehow she is very close to him.


Age: 32
Origin: Another City
Traits: Calculative

Main Character.
Your youth made you. Driven by trauma you reached far.
It’s ironic that the trouble you have long thought past, follows you into the new life you had long built.
An old enemy, who is just about to get married. A chance for vengeance.
What will you do?


Age: 34
Origin: Another City
Traits: Simple

Your enemy.
You both seem to have changed.
Perhaps that is why he doesn’t recognize who his fiancee picked to help them.
But you didn’t forget, not truly. Will you manage to win over him?


Without playing, you never know what you’ve been missing.