Where does your destiny lie?

The Concept

There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so – Hamlet

To have a good ending, a bad ending is needed.

To have a bad ending, a good ending is needed.

Which ending is good, and which ending is bad?

Decide for yourself.

You can increase the amount of content by supporting a side and support it.
But there will always be a way to lose or win.
As without each other, they mean nothing.

The light

Love, the reason to breathe. If not for love how much less would life be?
Thriving in the arms of true love is any man’s desire.

Or one of them. Do men not want to spread their genes, to conquer, to dominate?

Why not both? Why not the love of your life, while you fuck her daughter too?

Let your imagination be your limit and understand.

To arrive there means you deserve it.

Let no one stand in your way.
Conquer, dominate, love.
Gain your destiny.
You can do it.

The dark

How fragile you are. How weak.

Do you think you have a chance of winning anything?

The world is ruled by the powerful. Isn’t it the very few men, that get all women?
Do you really believe to be one of them?

I see in you nothing but a finsub, a paying pig.
Watch as everything is taken from you.

Love, honor, dignity, and respect. They are not meant for you.

But I might allow you to crawl on all fours, licking my feet.

Kneel, as your doom has arrived.
Accept your role as a cuck.
As a submissive.
As a slave.



Started with a dream of creating great (adult) games. Expanded to Eastern Europe, reorganized during the war, and expanded to South America.

We are still hustling to make it.


Projects Completed

A handful





First game we wanted to start was Vengeance, but we realized fast that it was too ambitious. That is why we made Karma. Something that was containable, where we can gain experience.
Experience that we’ll use in Winter Warmth!

Social Media

We are present on Social Media. But the best spot to connect is our discord.